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Chromate conversion coating services

Chromate conversion coating, more commonly known as chem film or by its brand name Alodine, is a type of conversion coating, used on aluminum as a corrosion inhibitor, as a primer for paint due to increased adherence or to preserve electrical conductivity.

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Surface preparation Colors Applicable materials Thickness Cosmetic availability Visual appearance
As machined (Ra 3.2μm / Ra 126μin) Clear/ slight yellow tint Aluminum (7xxx series not recommended) None No Machining marks are visible
Bead blasted (Glass beads #120) Clear/ slight yellow tint Aluminum (7xxx series not recommended) None Cosmetic on request Machining marks are completely removed on "cosmetic" parts but may be visible on "non-cosmetic" parts

Example of a chromate conversion coated part

Chromatic Conversion Coating
Chromatic Conversion Coating

The DTSS-3D chromate conversion coating process

Chromate conversion coating is a chemical coating that protects aluminum from corrosion, serves as a primer for painting and preserves electrical conductivity. At DTSS-3D, we only use chromium-free, RoHS compliant clear chromate conversion coating. 

Here’s how DTSS-3D operators apply chromate conversion coating:

  • Parts are cleaned and degreased to remove any contaminant

  • Parts are then rinsed to eliminate any residue of detergent

  • Conversion coating is then applied by immersing the aluminum parts in the tank. The chromate conversion coating gets applied immediately

  • Parts are then rinsed again

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