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Calculate how much you can save in time and costs by using DTSS-3D as a manufacturing partner

DTSS-3D is an online manufacturing platform that provides instant on-demand access to a global network of manufacturing partners. Users can easily upload their design, instantly receive a quote, and start production at the click of a button.

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My annual prototyping budget is $ with orders per year.

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Total saved

$ ${ formatPrice(totalSaved) } per year *

* Rough estimate, savings can differ based on your current process.

Saved on sourcing

${sourcingHoursSaved.toFixed(0)} waiting hours

$ ${formatPrice(sourcingMoneySaved)} production costs

Our instant quoting tool allows you to get a quote and kick off production in seconds, as opposed to waiting for the one week industry standard. It also allows you to instantly compare material prices for one-off orders and bulk pricing.

Traditional suppliers

${sourcingOrderTimeTraditional.toFixed(0)} hours

$ ${formatPrice(annualBudget)}

With DTSS-3D

${sourcingOrderTime3dhubs.toFixed(0)} hours

$ ${formatPrice(sourcingCost3dhubs)}

Saved on order management

${ordersHoursSaved.toFixed(0)} people hours

$ ${formatPrice(ordersMoneySaved)} operational costs

Our online quote management tool and order tracking allows you to skip the back-and-forth with traditional suppliers. We estimate that you lose about 4.3 hours per order on these tasks.

Traditional suppliers

${ordersOrderTimeTraditional.toFixed(0)} hours

$ ${formatPrice(orderCostTraditional)}

With DTSS-3D

${ordersOrderTime3dhubs.toFixed(0)} hours

$ ${formatPrice(orderCost3dhubs)}

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