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Black anodized and silk screening

Part Marking Service

Get your custom CNC machined parts marked with laser engraving or silk screening.

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What is part marking?

Part marking is a cost-effective way to add logos or custom lettering to your designs and is often used for custom part tagging during full-scale production.

To request part marking, you will need to provide the following:

  • 3D model of the part
  • Vector file (typically in AI format) of the font or geometry required for the marking
  • Technical drawing (PDF format) indicating the exact location for the marking

Do you have your vector file ready? Request a quote here or contact us directly.

Logos and lettering

Laser engraving and silk screening are two cost-effective techniques that allow for greater flexibility with your design. They are a great option for logos and lettering that are difficult to produce with manufacturing alone.

Typically it is also much more cost-effective to mark a part instead of designing the logo or lettering as part of the model, especially where sharp corners are required.

Part tagging

Part tagging involves marking the parts with incremental serial numbers to allow for traceability. This is typically used for end parts.

Our part marking capabilites

Part marking is available for all orders using either laser engraving or silk screening. For more information or to request a quote, please contact your Account Manager or send us an email.

Laser engraving (laser etching)

Laser engraving is fast and precise. It provides durable marking that does not wear over time, commonly used for serial numbers.

The color of the engraving is typically the natural color of the raw material.

Silk screening

Silk screening is an inexpensive option for marking parts. It allows for a wide range of color options, which can be indicated with either a Pantone or RAL number.

Rapid CNC prototyping & Precision CNC service

Upload your designs and get instant feedback on manufacturability, suggesting the best process based on your parts design.

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