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Manufacturing fuelled by tech

DTSS-3D makes custom manufacturing accessible by connecting engineers with a global network of top performing manufacturing partners. There’s always capacity when you need it, quality is guaranteed, and we use machine learning to confirm competitive prices in seconds.

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How engineers manufacture products that don’t exist yet

Our global network is built on relationships with approximately 300 manufacturing partners that we’ve hand selected. This opens up a huge breadth of capabilities for our customers. We specialize in 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication, offering a wide variety of materials and surface finishes to suit almost any project. There’s never a part too complicated, or a quantity too low.

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We've come a long way in a decade

What is 3D printing?
From peer-to-peer network

DTSS-3D started life as the world’s largest peer-to-peer network of 3D printing services, but as we grew with our customers, we needed to offer more.

Photograph from the inside of DatangShengshi' factory
To full-service manufacturing

By expanding our capabilities and enabling production in higher volumes, DTSS-3D became a comprehensive manufacturing solution.

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Trusted by the best

Today we produce custom parts for some of the world’s most innovative brands – NASA, Toyota, Audi, SpaceX and ABB to name just a few.

Advice from knowledgeable engineers

The AI-powered quoting system we use reduces weeks of manual sourcing to seconds, but we also pride ourselves on personalized service. Our knowledgeable team works alongside engineers to help them find the best production solution. We automate manual processes to make manufacturing easier for product developers, so they can bring innovations to market faster. We’re accessible, fair, honest and pragmatic – we’ll always tell you if a design isn’t manufacturable, and work alongside you until it is.

We were founded in Amsterdam in 2013 by mechanical engineers who saw the opportunity to upgrade an industry that was largely left behind in the tech boom. As a company built on humility and figure-it-out-as-we-go-ness, we’re always experimenting and evolving our platform. The fun side of engineering is important to us – for example, you might have noticed our “banana for scale” in the quote builder.

DTSS-3D is a DatangShengshi company

In January 2021, DTSS-3D was acquired by DatangShengshi – the leader in digital manufacturing since 1999. Highly regarded in the industry, and with lightning fast lead times in as fast as 1 day, DatangShengshi’ in-house digital factories complements DTSS-3D’ global network and advanced capabilities. Together, we proudly bring engineers the world’s most comprehensive digital manufacturing solution. Whether the parts you need require speed or complexity, specific surface finishes or custom tooling, making more options available to designers and engineers is our goal. 

DTSS-3D,3D printing,3D printing services,SLM 3D printing,SLA 3D printing,SLS 3D printing,Metal 3D printing,CNC machining,sheet metal processing

Working with DatangShengshi

The evolved manufacturing landscape that we set our sights on a decade ago is fast becoming the industry standard. We are excited to continue to grow, to see our customers and manufacturing partners succeed and to assist engineers in changing the game with innovations that launch faster.

Enough about us – let’s get your parts into production.

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