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DTSS-3D and DatangShengshi have teamed up to become the world's largest supplier of on-demand parts. We work with a global network of manufacturing partners (MPs) to deliver custom parts to customers all over the world, and we are always looking to bring on new partners to expand our capabilities and capacity.

MPs have access to thousands of verified manufacturing jobs each month

Jobs range in value from $100 to $500,000

Choose how many jobs you accept based on your capacity

CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication and injection molding

It only takes 10 minutes to fill out your application

Competitive discounts on materials and tooling

Why become a manufacturing partner?

DTSS-3D gives you the opportunity to take on new, high value (>€10,000) orders every week. As a manufacturing partner, you only have to focus on producing custom parts. We handle the negotiations and hassle. 

Becoming a manufacturing partner is totally free. The platform is easy to use and very flexible, adapting to your workflow and capacity. You’ll have a dedicated contact at DTSS-3D to help you get set up, answer any questions and develop your business.

We provide all partners with access to DatangShengshi' competitive discounts on materials and tooling, and we handle all customer communication and payment processing.

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Fill out an application
The application process is free and only takes ten minutes to complete.
Meet your supply chain manager
The supply chain manager for your area will set up a call to talk about your capabilities and your fit with our business model.
Facility tour
If you meet our requirements, we will schedule a (virtual) tour of your facility to better understand your capabilities and capacity.
Get onboarded
After signing our NDA and MP agreement, you are accepted onto the platform and we give you all the info and tools you need to start working with DTSS-3D.
Select jobs
You can now start browsing and accepting verified manufacturing jobs.

Some of our vetted manufacturing partners

What our manufacturing partners are saying

Employee doing a quality check

"The DTSS-3D platform is user friendly and has an easy workflow. Having the ability to see a job, accept it and start immediately saves us a lot of time. We spend much less time on quote requests."

Employee posing during his daily work

"DTSS-3D offers competitive prices, a wide range of capabilities and a vast pool of available jobs. The flexibility to only accept orders when we have capacity is great for our machine utilization and our business."

Employee focusing on his daily task

"Working with DTSS-3D is unique and rewarding. It is a truly symbiotic partnership that extends far beyond a traditional supplier relationship. With open communication and feedback, we have been able to innovate and grow together."

How Relic increased their yearly revenue by 20%

When this CNC machine shop wanted to fill downtime between jobs, orders from DTSS-3D became a major source of income.

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DTSS-3D,3D printing,3D printing services,SLM 3D printing,SLA 3D printing,SLS 3D printing,Metal 3D printing,CNC machining,sheet metal processing

Requirements to become a manufacturing partner

You run an established and registered business and you're capable of integrating digital solutions into your workflow

You follow QA/QC procedures with supporting documentation

Your factory is located in one of these regions: USA, Mexico, European Union, India, China

Technology specific requirements

CNC machining

You operate professional milling / turning machines (preference for 5-axis and multi-axis turning) and can handle lead times between one and four weeks

3D printing

You operate at least one qualified additive manufacturing machine

Sheet metal fabrication

You operate at least one fiber laser cutter and one press brake.

Injection molding

You do either mold manufacturing and/or injection in-house (not only mold management)

Additional requirements

ISO:9001, ISO:13485, AS:9100, ATF16949 or any other industry-specific certifications

Internal post-processing / surface treatment capabilities

Ability to fulfill an order in several days

DTSS-3D is a DatangShengshi company

In 2021, DTSS-3D was acquired by DatangShengshi – the leader in digital manufacturing since 1999. DatangShengshi is well-known name in the industry, and we’re leveraging their sizeable customer base to bring business your way as we integrate. The DatangShengshi platform leads customers directly to DTSS-3D and their sales team promotes specialist manufacturing services, like yours, to customers. This gives you access to more manufacturing projects and higher-volume orders.

DTSS-3D,3D printing,3D printing services,SLM 3D printing,SLA 3D printing,SLS 3D printing,Metal 3D printing,CNC machining,sheet metal processing

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