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3D printing in PEI

Engineering plastic, high performance applications, flame retardant. PEI is an engineering thermoplastic with good mechanical properties and exceptional heat, chemical and flame resistance.

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Industrial FDM PEI Materials

Industrial FDM


Industrial FDM
Larger build size compared to Desktop FDM,Industrial-grade materials,Tighter tolerance compared to Desktop FDM
Expensive printing



$ $ $ $ $

Lead Time
< 2 days
Wall Thickness
0.8 mm
±0.25% with a lower limit: ± 0.25 mm (±0.01")
Max part size
Layer height
200 - 100

Available materials

ULTEM 9085 Stratasys

ULTEM 9085 resin is a flame-retardant high-performance thermoplastic for digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

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ULTEM 1010 Stratasys

ULTEM 1010 resin offers the highest heat resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength of any FDM thermoplastic. Ideal for automotive, aerospace, medical and food production industries.

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