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The DTSS-3D standard

Quality control

How DTSS-3D controls the quality of your parts

We’ve reinvented cross-docking for quality control

Cross-docking is mostly used to make shipping more efficient. We’ve added a crucial quality control element to our cross-docking process. Located at our offices in Amsterdam and Chicago, our cross-docks are set up for inspection before orders reach their final destination. Qualified QC inspectors provide these and more services via our cross-docks.

Sample size inspection icon
Sample size inspection (ISO-2859)
Icon of visual inspection
Visual inspection for cosmetic quality
Dimensional checks icon
Dimensional checks with ISO-calibrated equipment
Golden sample icon
FAI (First Article Inspection) with golden samples
Icon of documentation
Full review of official and requested documentation
Packaging checks icon
Packaging checks
Standard icon
Compliance and standards review
Icon of documentation
Non-conformity reports and follow-up with manufacturers
All QC systems adhere to ISO 9001:2015 requirements Get our ISO 9001 certificate.

Quality control from design to delivery

To ensure our parts always meet the DTSS-3D standard, we have in-house and on-site quality control (QC) systems and protocols in place. Every custom part gets checked by our QC teams in Amsterdam or Chicago, on-site DTSS-3D experts or suppliers in our manufacturing partner network.

A photograph of our manufacturing partner's quality inspection
We audit our manufacturing partners

All DTSS-3D manufacturing partners (MPs) perform in-house quality checks before sending custom parts to our facilities or to their final destinations. We have teams on the ground responsible for regular audits across the supplier network, to ensure that every MP is consistently following the DTSS-3D standard for production as well as QC.

Photograph of our on-site team in China
We do on-site quality control on a global scale

Alongside our cross-docks in Amsterdam and Chicago, we also have teams actively performing quality checks across the manufacturing network. Our on-site teams in China and India (with more on the way) inspect all outgoing orders using the DTSS-3D standard. If you’d like to receive a full QC report, you can request one when you order your custom parts.

Image of an on-site quality control
We take on your manufacturing risks

One of the reasons engineers use DTSS-3D is that we take on all the risks for you. If your parts aren’t up to spec, you can file a dispute claim and we’ll remake your components or refund your order. For more detail on how we handle disputes, you can contact our Customer Success Team at

Meet the quality control experts

We have a dedicated team of quality control engineers and support staff at our cross-docks in Amsterdam and Chicago and on-site in China and India. These QC teams make sure that all of DTSS-3D’ processes run smoothly and efficiently, from quote to production to final delivery.

Profile picture of Inigo

“I work to confirm that all parts and documentation meet our quality standards and policies, along with the requirements from our customers. Quality control is a complex puzzle, and I’m dedicated to keeping our processes streamlined.”

Quality Engineer
Profile picture of Mireia

“Whenever I get a part in that’s not up to spec, I don’t just solve the part issue, I also help update processes with the team so that we don’t run into the same manufacturing problems in the future.”

Quality Control Inspector
Profile picture of Sean

“The team is always learning more and raising our benchmarks. Being a custom part manufacturer means that not every part fits existing standards, and it’s always a fun challenge to upgrade standards to fit our capabilities as they grow and improve.”

Quality Control Inspector
Profile picture of Clean

“I make sure that your parts go through rigorous checks here and with our manufacturing partners, so that all components are up to spec before shipping out to you.”

Clean Wu
Quality Control Inspector

Our cross-docks are equipped to inspect any part

Our cross-docking teams inspect for surface finish quality, threads and gauges, packaging and much more, ensuring your parts meet your exact specifications. To offer the highest grade inspection capabilities, both cross-docks are equipped with state-of-the-art tools.

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Equipment we use

  • Calipers and micrometers

  • Gauge blocks

  • Height gauge

  • Feeler gauge

  • Surface roughness meter

  • Pin gauges

  • Protractors

  • Gloss unit meter

  • RAL/Pantone color charts

  • Granite block inspection table

  • Thread, ring and plug Go/No-Go gauges

Your parts are in good hands with DTSS-3D. Put your custom parts into production today.

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